• My 2005 Grigio Excalibur LX 125 "so far"....


    *Malossi 190cc cylinderkit
    *Malossi Vario
    *Malossi Torque converter
    *Malossi's gearing
    *Carbu upjetted Dyno tested
    *PM 56 SS exhaust
    *Olie temperature meter
    *connection for battery tender under saddle.


    *"S" monosaddle
    *"handrail removed
    *aluminium "bag hook" fitted to "s" saddle
    *"white" rearlight with led & brakelight modulator
    *Reflecting black "LX" striping
    *Oberon bar-end mirrors
    *Philips Motovision headlight + led parking light
    *Led indicators
    *GTS noselight with led
    *Chrome headlight cover
    *RAM GPS mount & powersupply
    *LED runninglight & indicator combo
    *ScootRS inox feetrests

    (entschuldigen für die englische Sprache, Ich spreche kein Deutsch) :S